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allison ricard  


Allison Ricard has dedicated her personal and professional life to the service of others.  Prior to bringing Carolina Home Improvements to life, Allison served as an Intelligence Analyst and a Narcotics Officer both on, and hidden beyond, the front lines in an undercover capacity in conjunction with various law enforcement agencies to include The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Drug Enforcement Administration, and The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.  Additionally, prior to the birth of Carolina Home Improvements, Allison served as a federal contractor to The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, (formerly The National Background Investigation Bureau) where she maintained a Top Secret Security Clearance issued by the United State Department of Defense.  

In 2016, Allison initiated the process of adoptive parent and in in 2018, Allison celebrated becoming a brand new mother of a beautiful baby girl.  Allison made the selfless decision to change the focus of her career to one that would allow her to dedicate time to her daughter to whom it was so desperately deserved.  

"The greatest reward is the smile on a customer's face and the glimmer in their eye the moment they realize what once was nothing more than a lifelong dream, has become a reality."


-Allison Ricard_  

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