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Bret laso

Bret Laso has over 15 years of awarded service and experience in the residential conduction industry across multiple states.  He has served in multiple capacities in the construction industry and his vast experience ranges from idea, to drawing board, to the realization of architectural dreams both in new construction and home renovations.  Bret has served across various industry platforms to include the titles of Owner, Project Manager, Sales Manager, Quality Control Specialist, Acquisitions Manager, Procurement Manager, Field Supervisor, Personnel Specialist, and Corporate Liaison.  In 2016, discovered his true passion in home renovations with the creation of Carolina Home Improvements which provided Bret the canvas to bring a customer's dream to life. 

"I have always considered home renovation an art find renovation allows the customer to add new flare to an existing home that is already filled with so much history, memories, and sentiments that are often not easily forsaken for the idea of nothing more than new nails and wood.  I find building upon a lifelong dream much more fulfilling than tearing one down.  Renovating someone's home gives me the opportunity to deliver a customer's idea that has often been in the making for months, years, or often times longer, as opposed to new construction that is often designed on a more generic platform designed to appeal to customers, not relationships."

-Bret Laso-

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